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2 Mixing Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Plugins (and Two Bonus Tips That Might Get You Fired)

I was working on a mix this week that I couldn’t quite get sounding right. After working for a few hours without much luck, I realized I was on autopilot. Adding processing and reaching for EQ’s with no real reason, I wasn’t really listening and reacting. Instead I was just blinding making my usual moves. The next day when I came back to the song I reset every channel, dropped the faders to zero and started over. This time I didn’t reach for any plugins, instead I simply focused on the balance and in no time I had the track feeling much better. Here’s a couple quick thoughts about mixing that have nothing to do with gear.

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3 Desert Island Plugins

On this blog, I decided to do something a little different and fun.  Let’s play desert island plugins! I’m hoping this will spark some conversations with everyone out there on the interwebs, as I’m sure we’ll all have very different opinions on what is necessary on our desert island studio.  So, you’re trapped on this metaphorical island with nowhere to go but you have great mixing monitors and an awesome control room built out of driftwood and coconuts as diffusers. You can only bring 3 plugins, what are they?!?  Here’s my desert island plugins:

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Metering Methods Using the Klanghelm VUMT Plugin

Hey everyone! It's Brad Smith here. Today I’ll be diving into the Klanghelm VUMT plugin, what it is, how it works, and how I use it in all three phases of the recording process. This will be broken out over two (potentially three) blog posts. Today's post will be an introduction to the plugin and I’ll talk about how I use the plugin while tracking.

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