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3 Desert Island Plugins

On this blog, I decided to do something a little different and fun.  Let’s play desert island plugins! I’m hoping this will spark some conversations with everyone out there on the interwebs, as I’m sure we’ll all have very different opinions on what is necessary on our desert island studio.  So, you’re trapped on this metaphorical island with nowhere to go but you have great mixing monitors and an awesome control room built out of driftwood and coconuts as diffusers. You can only bring 3 plugins, what are they?!?  Here’s my desert island plugins:

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5 Tips For a Great Bass Guitar Recording

I know that this can be a redundant statement and that you don’t need me to tell you something so obvious. However, I don’t think it can be overstated how massively the player/performance impacts the tone of the Bass. Finding a player who really understands the instrument and how it fits into a recording will save you a lot of headaches and get you bobbing along a lot quicker. I know that we don’t always have access to amazing bass players for every session, just remember that even if you are working with an inexperienced player, the more you can help him or her understand the instrument and perform better, the easier your life will be down the line.  

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