Choosing A Producer


Choosing who is going to produce your record is trickier than you may think. There's more to consider than just whether or not they have the right gear or they're good at it. Let's discuss a few things to look at while searching for the right producer for your project.



Every genre has it's own style of production, it's own signature sounds, and its own general flavour. Let's be honest, David Foster is not going to be producing Skrillex anytime (man, can you imagine what that would sound like???). You have to find someone who fits your sound. Look up who the producer was on a few records you like, and get in contact with them! If they're out of your price range, keep looking until you find the right fit.


Attitude is huge! Think about it, would you rather work with an all-star producer who makes you feel awful and doesn't encourage you, or a good producer who makes you feel inspired and gets the best out of you? I'd say it's a pretty obvious choice. When you're in the studio and you're struggling to get that take right, or to get that sound, you need the producer who's going to encourage you to do better. Someone who pushes you forward in a positive way. Don't work with a debbie downer.



This is closely tied to attitude. Let's say you've found a producer, he's got a great track record, works hard, and has a great attitude. But for some reason, the dynamic between the two of you is awkward, you struggle to have meaningful conversation, and you generally feel discomfort while being around that person. How are you going to tap into your deepest emotions in your writing if you're around someone like that? Point being, find a producer who not only has a great attitude, but that you get along with and can be yourself around. 


Understanding who you are and what you represent musically is one of the most vital parts of choosing a producer. You need to understand your story, what message you're trying to portray, how you want it to sound. This will help guide you to the right person. Be confident in who are you are and find someone who also gets that vision. They have to see what you see in your head when you think about yourself as a musician.

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