Whale and the Wolf Sessions


We had an amazing week working with Whale and the Wolf over the past week. The guys flew in Vancouver based producer Danny Craig, who is the drummer of the band Default. It was an incredible experience. I learned a lot from working with a seasoned professional such as Danny.

We booked ten days in the studio to track three new songs, although we ended up finishing in 8 days. Typically, recording sessions can be quite stressful, as budget and time are always a concern. But with this project, the guys booked more time for less songs. By doing so, we were able to be more creative, relaxed, and make sure we got the right sound and takes. I hope to do more sessions like these in the future!

Thanks again for coming and working at our place guys. I had a great time engineering! Look for Whale and the Wolf's new songs in the next few months!

Thanks again for coming down guys! Check out Whale and the Wolf's new tunes in the few months!