Future Gear


At Velveteen, we've been trying to expand our gear base for quite some time. We've been finding that despite modern recording technologies, a lot of artists still want to see the highest quality gear when they come to our studio. We like this, as we're total gear heads! Here's some ideas we had for future gear purchases:


Matchless DC30 guitar amp
Tophat Vanderbilt 33 watt guitar head
Royer R121 ribbon microphone
Telefunken U47 LDC microphone
Fender 1969 custom shop strat
Universal Audio 2-610 Mic Pre
Chandler TG2 Mic Pre

That is an expensive list :S That is always one of the biggest hurdles in purchasing equipment, the price tag for this gear is over the top. But we still find it makes all the world of difference. The recordings we make only get better as we both develop our skills, and develop our equipment locker. 

Let us know if you have any suggestions that you'd like to see in a professional recording studio!

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